For our “Vintage Poster” gallery today we have a look at one of the original posters for Walt Disney‘s Dumbo, the fourth animated classic from the Disney Studio originally released on October 23 1941 by RKO Radio Pictures.
Dumbo is based on a children’s book by author Helen Aberson and illustrations by Harold Perl. It’s considered one of the studio’s finest films even though it was produced on a limited budget to recover from the financial losses of Fantasia and has running time of only 64 minutes.

Trivia Tidbit: RKO Radio Pictures, the first US distributors of Disney film, had a big problem with the film lenght being just a bit more than a hour. They gave Walt Disney several options such as adding more scenes to make it longer, deleting some scenes to turn it into a short that could be projected before an A movie, or giving it a limited release as a B movie. Disney insisted that Dumbo had to be released as a standard A-movie and RKO reluctantly did so, becoming the most financially successful Disney film of the Forties!