The last time we saw Mulan, she was a Disney cartoon character who sang cutesy love songs and who, at the end of the film, did a very untraditional thing: she hugged the emperor. But in her latest big-screen incarnation, Mulan, which opens today, the legendary gal-disguised- as-guy warrior is tougher and grittier than ever.

Vicki Zhao Wei plays the fearless leader who charges at enemy forces, kills every poor sucker in her way, and heads straight for the enemy commander whom she nails ferociously with her sword. (Think Sarah Palin hunting moose, but without the helicopter.) Conquering army after army, Mulan is promoted to general, becoming an unlikely heroine.
She even gives a rousing “we shall die for our country” pep talk to her troops, like Mel Gibson did in Braveheart.
Zhao’s Mulan goes teary-eyed for only two things: her boyfriend, who’s a fellow general, and her dad back home, whom she thinks of wistfully from time to time.

Jackie Chan‘s son, Jaycee, plays her best pal-soldier who knows her big secret of how, deep down, underneath her tough armour, she’s scared of being found out. But other than that, as Zhao moves from maiden to warrior, there appears to be little that she is afraid of.

From an article by TAY YEK KEAK from Asia One News