Today the Walt Disney Museum located in San Francisco wtinessed the opening of the documentary film
Christmas with Walt Disney
, a unique collection of footage of Mickey’s creator.

Christmas With Walt Disney is not a commercial film that will reach soon a theatre near you, but it’s just little film about
the life of Disney that shows him to us as both a human being and an artist with clips featuring his family, working moments at the company and favourite and rare film clips of some of the most popular Disney characters.

Diane Disney Miller, Disney’s daughter and a driving force behind the museum, narrates the documentary while Lion King producer Don Hahn is directing it and succeded in creating a unique documentary that will help the new Disney fans to know better the man that created the characters we all still love to watch on dvd.

No admission fee is required to the Walt Disney Museum located at 104 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California therefore screenings of the hour long Christmas With Walt Disney are completely free.

Thanks to our correspondent from the US Isabel