The Vinylmation mania keeps growing in Disney parks and here’s a look at the latest releases with more series and limited edition already in the making. If you happen not to know… Disney’s Vinylmations are not just a new collectible bearing the Disney brand but the product of talented Disney artists allowing themselves the gift Walt created, the gift to Dream and create.
Vinylmation, the original vinyl collectible available exclusively at Disney Theme Parks were an instant hit. When the Park Series 1 were released in December 2008 they featured art and designs inspired by the Disney Parks and available exclusively at select Disney Theme Park merchandise locations. A whole series inspired by The Muppets is also available at the moment.

But… you can’t choose your favourite design. Vinymation figurines come packed in sealed boxes so it’s quite common to get duplicates and ofter to complete the series trades with other collectors is the cheapest way.

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This Sleeping Beauty inspired Mickey is one among the lovely pieces of the “Park Collection #3“. It has Flora, Faura and Merryweather having fun at their favourite game: “Make it Blue/Make it Pink”.