With no significant weekend competition on the foreign circuit, Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” cruised to its third consecutive No. 1 round overseas, rounding up $47 million from 6,687 screens in 49 territories.

Foreign take so far for director Tim Burton‘s re-imagining of the Lewis Carroll classic stands at $300 million, of which $216 million or 72% derives from the 3D venues playing the film. Worldwide, “Alice” has grossed $565.8 million to date.

With openings in France and China — which boasts of the largest number of 3D screens (633) outside North America — due this week, it’s likely that “Alice” will continue to dominate the foreign circuit at least for another stanza. The film has 35% of the foreign market yet to play.

The weekend’s No. 2 was director Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which generated an estimated $15.1 million on the weekend from 44 territories. Of those, the 39 handled by Paramount accounted for $12 million from 2,915 spots for a cume of $70.7 million.

Third on the weekend was 20th Century Fox’s “Avatar,” which registered $13 million from 3,718 screens in 68 territories in its 14th round on the overseas circuit, pushing its foreign cume to $1.937 billion. That’s 56% more than the $1.242 billion generated by the previous foreign gross record holder “Titanic,” also directed by James Cameron.

Disney pointed out that “Alice in Wonderland’s” weekend action was the third biggest ever for any title opening in the Winter/Spring release corridor (January-April), usually one of the more mild-mannered boxoffice periods of the calendar year.

The film is easily the largest-grossing Tim Burton title outside North America, besting 2005’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which grossed $268 million over the course of its foreign run. After three weekends, “Alice” is also the 12th biggest title Disney has ever released overseas.

The U.K. was the most remunerative market for “Alice” on the weekend, generating $7.2 million from 753 sites, down a relatively meager 35% from the prior frame. Market cume stands at $45.9 million. Germany threw off $4.4 million from 509 situations for a cume of $22.9 million.

In Italy, the weekend tally was $4.1 million from 703 sites for a cume of $34.7 million. Australia provided $3.6 million from 256 screens for a cume of $23.7 million while Mexico came up with $3.2 million from 781 locations for a cume of $23.8 million.

Alice” is now the biggest Disney title ever to play Italy and in Russia (where the market cume stands at $36.6 million), and the best-grossing Disney live-action title ever to play Mexico.

Images courtesy of Disney
Source:Hollywood Report