According to the BlueSkyDisney blog the short that might appear in theatres before “The Princess And The Frog” this coming December is now again the traditionally 2D animated “The Ballad Of Nessie“.

Last month it was reported that pretty much the entire pool of 2D artists consisting of 60 animators was hecticly working on “Princess and the Frog” so that work on “Nessie” was temporary put on hold in favour of the easier to complete CG short “Tic Tock” that would have been the one to introduce “Frog” in cinemas. But apparently things have changed again!

“The Ballad of Nessie” directed by Stevie Wermers Skelton and Kevin Deters with art direction evocative of the Disney shorts from the Forties and Fifties
is described by Disney as “the honest to goodness true tale of Loch Ness and its most famous resident“.