Released in the US as a companion cd to the platinum edition dvd’s and their re-packaged soundtracks, the "and friends" series are lovely picture disc compilations that features sample songs from the latest platinum film out plus more songs from other films that somehow tie in.
Releases began in 2005 with Cinderella And Friends and went ahead with almost all the other platinum titles so far except for "Peter Pan" and "Jungle Book". In the series so far we find Cinderella And Friends (2005), Lady And The Tramp And Friends (2006), The Little Mermaid And Friends (2006) 101 Dalmatians and Friends (2008) and the latest, Sleeping Beauty And Friends (2008). Pictured below is the artwork for each of the five titles available so far in the States.






The same titles were also pressed by EMI music for the UK and some other European market. The songs on each compilation is the same, but while the US releases come as full picture discs with no front picture insert and glowing back insert, the EMI releases do have a front insert (even different sometimes from the US artwork like in Lady And The Tramp‘s case) but the cd itself is not a picture disc, coming with more standard cd graphics. Pictured below are the cover inserts for the "and friends" cds in Europe.