Disneylicious staff member Thomas Mora is a great fan of Alice In Wonderland and has just posted on our forum some great posts about the films. Click HERE to read them all and join the discussions.

In his Alice film review Thomas points out: The visual design (hair, costume, makeup, Special FX) were AWESOME, however the story (although full of potential with the direction they decided to go with the film) was lacking and did not make sense for the following reasons:

1. If Alice is 19 y/o when she returns to wonderland but had the same dream every night about visiting wonderland when she was 9 y/o, wouldn’t she have remembered the place & characters?

2. Alice’s real last name was Liddell NOT Kingsleigh including her real father Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll.

3. Why would the Queen of Hearts kill her own husband by having his head cut off if he was the only one that stuck by her all the time?

4. (In the books) The Red Queen & White Queen were NEVER sisters.

5. (In the books) The Red Queen is a separate character from the Queen of Hearts. They are NOT the same person.