Variety has published an interesting article in which they explain what exactly Disney will get from the Marvel deal and how that will affect movies, tv and parks linked to the Mouse. Click HERE to read the full Variety article from which we have taken a few bits and pieces below. Thanks to our reader EdwardRCox who has submitted this article to our attention.

The Mouse-Marvel deal gives Disney a library of literally hundreds of unique and colorful characters that have the potential to make great, high-concept movies and long-lasting franchises — and nobody knows how to play in that ballpark better than Disney. Disney is adamant that it doesn’t plan to "rebrand Marvel as Disney," Iger said. Marvel CEO Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter will continue to oversee the company. What Disney gets via the acquisition is a curious mix.

Until Marvel started taking more control of its properties by self-financing and producing its own pics in 2005, with "Iron Man" and the reboot of "The Incredible Hulk" as the first films to emerge under the new mandate, the company had been setting up its higher-profile characters at various studios around town.

Sony, for example, has Spider-Man, while Paramount locked down Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Avengers. Universal distribbed the Incredible Hulk and New Line released Blade, while the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Daredevil have been housed at Fox. Marvel had also set up lesser-known properties like the Punisher at Lionsgate, which also distribs Marvel’s direct-to-DVD animated features.

While a percentage of the coin collected by films such as the "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" franchises go into Marvel’s coffers, buying Marvel doesn’t give the Mouse House immediate control of all those characters, if at all.

"Our intention is to respect the deal in place," Iger said of the current pacts, calling it "the right thing" to do.

Sony will continue to control Spider-Man through a deal that doesn’t lapse. Three more pics are planned for the franchise, with the next set to bow in summer 2011.

Par will continue to distribute Marvel’s next five pics, starting with the "Iron Man" sequel next summer and including a planned third installment.

"This distribution deal will be unaffected by today’s transaction," a Paramount rep said. That deal will likely be renegotiated once the final film is released.

Fox retains the right to make movies based on Daredevil; the Fantastic Four, which includes the Silver Surfer; and the X-Men, which spun off a separate Wolverine franchise this summer, as long as the studio has films based on those characters in active development.

Disney will also have to figure out how to work around a deal between Marvel and Universal’s theme parks in order to start building attractions at the Mouse House’s own venues