What’s up doesn’t always go down, at least not much. Despite competition from TheHangover and Land of the Lost, two high-profile comedies aimed at the lucrative young-male demographic, Up, the latest Disney/Pixar hit, maintained its lofty No. 1 position.

The computer-animated film grossed an additional $44.2 million over the weekend, according to studio estimates from Nielsen EDI. Its total gross, after just 10 days in theaters, is $137.3 million. The film’s weekend take is down just 35% from its opening haul, a modest drop considering that some big openers this year experienced second-weekend drops of 70% or more. “This is one of the best drops in a long, long time,” says Disney distribution chief Chuck Viane. “Obviously, it’s got to be the story itself. The filmmakers made such a good story that the word of mouth has become voluntary. You walk into a room, and people tell you to see the movie.”

Hangover, an R-rated comedy from Warner Bros. about an out-of-control bachelor party in Las Vegas, finished a strong second at $43.3 million, significantly higher than expected.

Source article by Thomas K. Arnold on USA TODAY