The second adventure of the new Tinker Bell will reach US stores on October 27 2009 on DVD and Blu Ray and it’s called “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure“.

The tale of Disney’s favorite fairy, Tinker Bell, continues in an all-new magical adventure beyond Pixie Hollow! Discover how the Pixies make their magic dust! Let your imagination soar as Autumn comes to Pixie Hollow. Take off in a hot air balloon with Tinker Bell and her new friend Blaze, a lightning bug who lights her way, on an enchanting secret journey to find a new moonstone, the source of the Pixies’ mystical dust. But hold on tight! There’ll be amazing encounters, some close calls, and a daring rescue by her old friend Terence! In her biggest adventure yet, Tinker Bell not only learns a lesson in responsibility, she discovers the true meaning of friendship. From the creators of Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure is a captivating journey of self-discovery everyone will want to take.

Cast of Characters
Tinker Bell: The sassy star is voiced by Mae Whitman
Terence: Tinker Bell’s best friend and keeper of the pixie dust is voiced by Jesse McCartney
Blaze: Tinker Bell’s sidekick is an adorable firefly who comes along on the adventure
Queen Clarion: The queen of all fairies is voiced by Anjelica Huston
Silvermist: Tinker Bell’s friend and a the water fairy is voiced by Lucy Liu
Iridessa: Tinker Bell’s friend and the light fairy is voiced by Raven-Symone
Rosetta: Tinker Bell’s friend and the flower fairy is voiced by Kristin Chenoweth
Fawn: Tinker Bell’s friend and the animal fairy is voiced by Angela Bartys