Today we take a look at a Disney collectable cd coming from Italy. It’s the scarce Italian cd single for the song “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules. The original pop version was perfomed in English by Belinda Carlisle, the Italian pop version was given to Paola & Chiara, the lovely two sisters who have gone a long way since this early release, becoming a pop sensation in Italy and several parts of Europe.

The Disneylicious team had recently the chance to spoke with Paola and Chiara about this playful song that happened in the early stages of their great music career.

“It was all unexpected, but somehow 1997 HAD to be our year, something happened then” Paola told the Disneylicious team. She added “We really believe in the energy of numbers and in that year we first won the San Remo festival, then we were chosen as the opening act for the only concert Michael Jackson did in Italy and we finally sang on the soundtrack of that year’s Disney movie… Our experience in the studio with Michele Centonze (who wrote the Italian lyrics of I won’t say I’m In Love) has been wonderful. We realized that in a way or another we were becoming a small segment in Disney history. It was fantastic. We could have never imagined it just a few years prior.”

Chiara also commented: “on that song our rock soul came out. We were very young and at the beginning of our career.It was fun and a honour. Disney movies become classics and being in one of those soundtracks was something very unique”.

We also took the chance to ask the girls what is their favourite film ever and unsurprisingly they are both fascinated by the same character: ‘Cinderella‘. “I like Cinderella because she has a huge selfcontrol, she’s very selfconfident and she’s has to do with fashion, in a story that has beautiful dresses and crystal slippers”, Chiara explained, adding that “she’s an intelligent, farsighted and bright princess”.

Cinderella is the quintessential Disney fable”, adds Paola. “The two ugly stepsisters, the evil stepmother, the fairy godmother, pumpkins turning into marvelous coaches, little mice that sew fabulous dresses, glass slippers, the Prince, the happy ending, the bibbidi-bobbidi-boo magic words, that red carpet, the stairs, midnight coming!! Oh my god. Cinderella is my favourite Disney film ever, concludes Paola.

Thanks to Paola & Chiara