In the 70’s Pickwick Records became the official licensee and distributor for the United Kingdom for Disney music. Their Disney releases were very popular at the time. They released a lot of Disney soundtracks and storyteller records on Vinyl and Cassette but the most notable project of the time was the release of Original Soundrack Collection. Original songs, lifted straight from the original movies, were compiled into four records and sold as single albums. Here are the covers of these four album that brought Disney magic to many kids in the 70’s a time when video recorders, dvd or pc files did not exist and a vinyl album was the only way to re-live home what was seen in cinemas.

The above compilations were also sold as two double albums named Original Soundtrack Parade. The cover artwork stayed the same but the colour background changed. Click on images below to enlarge.

The same songs were also released in a series of 7″ vinyl singles titled Walt Disney Originals with six tracks on each record and apparently there were 25 different records in the series. Here’s one we’ve found, with Lady and The Tramp as the main attraction.