To celebrate the Italian release of the Pinocchio Platinum Edition on DVD and Blu Ray Walt Disney Italy is sponsoring a huge and free entry exhibit of vintage Pinocchio memorabilia to be held at the Atlier Gluck in Milan from April 1st to April 4th. Among the interesting pieces on display at the exhibit titled “10, 100, 1000 times Pinocchio” are books, magazines, toys, figurines and some interesting panels with unique sketches from the Walt Disney Archives. To get an idea, here’s a look at some of the pieces on display, click on images to enlarge.

Various Toys from the collection of the Carlo Lorenzini estate

Exhibit pannels with original sketches from the Disney Archives photographed by Lucia Baldini

Original Pinocchio puppet from the Disney Studios photographed by Lucia Baldini

Renowned Italian comic artist Bruno Bozzetto has created a tongue in cheek drawing with the original Pinocchio by Collodi who introduces himself to Disney’s Pinocchio as if the two were completely strangers.

All images copyright Disney and are courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Italy