Disneylicious is about to launch a new column about Pin Collecting. Our reader and collaborator DA LE 100 will take our readers on a virtual journey through the world of Pin Collectors, commenting the best pieces released around the world. But let’s hear it in detail from him:

It seems like yesterday, when it all started with a pin (Walt Disney will surely forgive us for this citation). On 10-10-10, pin traders from around the world will be celebrating at WDW ten years of this fantastic, and expensive, hobby, that makes us craving for a piece of metal, making us crazy in the bid to tell the differece between and authentic piece and a scrapper, making us queue for hours.

In this pretty new column we will talk about old and upcoming pins and pin events, trying to answer any questions you would like to pose but most of all, share all the outstanding magic and possibly arrange fan meetings in parks and during events.

We will be mainly focusing on pins from Disneyland Paris but we will be also taking a look at releases from other parks and Disney stores. We hope you will enjoy this column that is made from fans for fans. See Ya!

Our readers from Italy can also read this column in Italian by clicking HERE