Great souvenirs from Disneyland Paris are without any doubt the cd singles with music themes from the park. Housed in lovely and colourful card sleeves, these cds usually contain parade and attraction tracks or the songs created for a specific time of the year as the Halloween or Christmas songs. They were often repackaged with different cover art through the years like the famous "Dancin’ A Catchy Rhythm" containing the sung and instrumental version of the popular song.
Other cds were limited and not reprinted, such as the 15 anniversary song "Just Like We Dreamed It" and the one containing music from the "Circus Parade". As everywhere else it seems that cd singles are starting to disappear from Disneyland Paris as well, as no new release or repackaging were spotted at the resort in the last few months.

Now straight from our collection here’s a look at the cover art of many of the Disneyland Paris singles released and re-released through the years, which are:

Dancin’ a catchy rhythm
It’s A Small World
Les Princesses En Musique/La Parade De Principesses
Disney Cinema Parade
La Di Da Carnaval
Chante, c’est noel!
Halloween Song
Fantillusion Parade
Disney Circus Parade
Just Like We Dreamed It – 15 year anniversary song