If you’re expecting to get updates from celebrities on all their latest movies, you might be disappointed: Hollywood is trying to curb celebrity use of social networks. It is believed that Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers are among the first celebrities to be affected by a reportedly new anti-social-media clause included in talent contracts from major studios, according to entertainment news reports.

But just how far those measures have gone is unknown. Some entertainment blogs are reporting that studios are requesting an outright ban of social-networking use by celebrities. Others say that studios are simply trying to curb their use. At this point, it’s not so clear–and the film studios aren’t talking.

A Hollywood Reporter blog post recently reported that “there’s a growing number of studio deals with new language aimed specifically at curbing usage of social-media outlets by actors, execs and other creatives.” The studios hope confidential information about the films they’re producing won’t leak out on major social networks.

The Hollywood Reporter, Esq. blog reports that both Disney and DreamWorks have already added clauses to their talent contracts. A clause from Disney says that the actor should not make information available “via ‘interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other interactive social network or personal blog.‘”

That said, neither DreamWorks nor Disney has confirmed that such a clause exists. Diaz and Myers have also been mum on their use of social networks. Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment. DreamWorks said, “It’s our policy not to discuss talent agreements.”

Source: CNET news