After Europe a few years ago, the US are now also getting their 2 disc dvd release of the now classic film Lilo & Stich as the so called 2-Disc Big Wave Edition is reaching US stores on May 24 2009.
The fact Lilo and Stitch was a box office hit in summer 2002 came amost as a surprise for the Disney studio, that was quite disappointed by the poor reaction of both public and critics to the couple of pre-Stitch films and that probably wasn’t expecting the new release to go on such a significant different route. The success of the film is almost entirely due to the comic originality of its lead character Stitch, or Creature 626 if you prefer, who in the meantime has become one of the best loved Disney characters, adored by the public and in terms of merchandise her’s now up right there with the likes of Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh and Thinkerbell. US fans had to wait quite a lot to get this double disc crowded with bonus features. A European/UK double disc was released in 2005, while sequels and tv series episodes also ended up on DVD.

This two-disc set reprises almost all of the supplements from the previous release, and of course adding many more new ones. The bonus feature on disc 1 include two music videos, one for "Your Ohana" by The Hawaiian Chorus and A-Teens with their Disneymania version of "I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You" and special featurette titled "A Stitch in Times" in which actor David Ogden Stiers tells the story of how Stitch unsuccessfully attempted to infiltrate himself into other Disney films. In "DisneyPedia: Hawaii" actress Tia Carrere describes famous Hawaiian landmarks. The now famous four teaser trailers in which Stitch tries to get into four classic Disney films, Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, are of course included.

The bonus material on disc two is even more fascinating for die hard fans of the film such as the brand new two-hour "making of" documentary that documents how the film was created from day one of the early stages to the final days of production. Deleted scenes and alternate ending ideas, already seen in the UK/European releases, are also included on this disc.