Our dear friend and team member David Kawena has just released a new illustration from his Disney Princes series. This time it’s Kuzco the Incaic royalty from The Emperor’s New Groove movie.

“It was not an easy task to accomplish Kuzco”, David says. “He’s not the usual handsome kind of guy but he’s got one thing that always works – he is so full of himself, the perfect material for a Disney Hero Model!” he adds.

On the technical side David explains: “I wanted to keep it simple as possible, heaving some more Maya/Inca elements into the character, but not too much. I really enjoyed the fact I could play with a slightly wider range of colours with this one, coming from the golds and cyans of his accessories – it was really fun creating these golden textures!”

Click on image below to enlarge and if you missed click HERE to read our exclusive interview with illustrator David Kawena