Hello there fellow Disneylicious readers!

Today, November 25th marks the opening of “The Princess and the Frog” special engagement screenings in N.Y. and L.A.
“Dreams do come in true in New Orleans” says one of the lines in the opening song of “The Princess and the Frog”, and as it seems now, dreams will becoming true for the Walt Disney hand drawn animation department, as well as it’s fans and of course the “big suites” of the Disney company.

The Los Angeles Times reports that: “Disney already has racked up more than $3.2 million in pre-sales,” for the special engagement screenings. That means the biggest opening weekend for these type of limited screening in Disney’s history!

At the critic department it seems everyone loves the film! It’s storyline, it’s heroine and the long awaited return to the 2D hand drawn animation.
“In an era dominated by CGI, Disney makes a bold return to 2-D animation. The medium may be old-fashioned, but the story is thoroughly, refreshingly modern. Funny, inspiring and gorgeously rendered, The Princess and the Frog is an instant classic.” “There’s a charm to hand-drawn art that 3-D lacks. The characters have an expressiveness that harks back to the classics we know and love, a more human look and feel. The colours are brilliant, the drawing crisp; 1920s New Orleans jumps off the screen” reports E! Online that also gives the film an “A” rating.

Salon.com marks that “The studio’s first African-American princess charms in one of the most sincere romantic comedies in ages!” and that ‘The Princess and the Frog’ “is Disney Royalty.”

“There’s more than enough magic in “The Princess and the Frog” to enchant an entirely new generation of Disney fans and their parents. Tiana is a worthy addition to the Princess Hall of Fame.” reports the New York Post and gives the film 3 stars out of 4.

“I am proposing that we take a good, long look at what the fairy tale is trying to teach the children of the world – and us.” said Newsweek reporter Allison Samuels in her great review that looks more into what the film stands for, then it’s cinematographic values.

“Adult viewers are rewarded with something more moving — a Proustian remembrance of the durable power of Disney at its old-school best. The filmmakers trust in story over special effects, and character over celebrity voices” tells us Entertainment Weekly, and continues with stating that what matter is that “Tiana triumphs as both a girl and a frog, that dreams are fulfilled, wrongs are righted, love prevails, and music unites not only a princess and a frog but also kids and grown-ups.” and then gives it an A rating!

So there we have it fellow Disney lovers, form the first day of a very limited release in only two theatres across the U.S. (along with last week’s reports about the film’s merchandise being sold out in all major retailers) it seems that “The Princess and the Frog” has everything going for it. We’ll now hove to wait for the domestic U.S. release on December 11th to see if this frog prince from New Orleans, will leap it’s way into being a kind of the box office!

Article by David Kawena
Photos courtesy of Disney