The three left pieces left for 2009 of the Walt Disney Classic Collection series have been finally unveiled. A piece from Fantasia, a set of Beauty and The Beast characters are released along with a great sculpture depicting one of Sleeping Beauty‘s more exciting scenes, Maleficent turning into the Dragon.
Here’s a first look to this incredible piece titled Evil Eruption reaching WDCC dealers in October 2009 at the suggested retail price of $499.00.

The Mistress of All Evil sees her terrible plot unravel as valiant Prince Phillip approaches King Stefan’s castle. Furious, Maleficent blocks Phillip’s path and, in a massive explosion, transmogrifies into a horrifying dragon. Plussed with glass and pewter, this magnificent piece, one of the most unusual and elaborate sculptures ever crafted by the Walt Disney Classics Collection, captures every fearsome detail of Maleficent’s terrifying transformation, reflecting the sublime artistry of Walt Disney’s animated classic Sleeping Beauty.