The official announcement of Captain EO and Michael Jackson returning to Disneyland was made on December 18, 2009. The beloved film will return to it’s original location at Disneyland next to Star Tours and Space Mountain.

One big question is whether or not Disney will enhance this show before it returns to the theater or will they leave it as the original fans have come to love? This is a very problematic question as some of the historic value of the film is seeing the images of Michael Jackson way he performed. The flip side to this is Disney has an opportunity to update the film, so why not make it perfect?

This question is important as there has always been issue of the goofs present in the 17 minutes of film that was never corrected even though Captain EO was in Disneyland for years.

Here are a few of the more noted goofs in Captain EO:
Smokestacks behind the Evil Queen has smoke coming out the sides.
A puppeteer is show when the Captain is confronting the Evil Queen while walking dow the steps.
A roll of tape is seen when Captain EO enters through the floor.

Disneyland and Michael Jackson fans are speaking up about the original verses updated idea of Captain EO and the opinions are diverse.