Captain EO,” the 3-D Michael Jackson flick from the 1980s, debuted (or rather re-debuted) at Epcot today. The creative team that brought it together is pictured at right.

Although July 2 marked its official opening, it actually started two days earlier with a Cast Member and media preview, followed by a general soft opening and preview for annual passholders.

Captain EO returned to its original home by the Imagination paviliion, which was taken over by “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” with Rick Moranis after the child abuse allegations and legal woes that plagued Michael Jackson in the 1990s. The movie and pre-show are original, but new special effects have been added. Expect movement, spray, air poofs and touches, all worked around the action on the screen.

You’ll also see the usual 3-D effects of flying debris, cute flying creatures and the like. While this aspect of the movie is not quite up to the standards of newer releases over the past two decades, you still might find yourself flinching or ducking at oncoming objects.

Captain EO has a distinctive 1980s flair, but that’s part of its charm. Parents will love the memories and kids may see it as retro cool (or they may just enjoy the Michael Jackson music and movies).