Our team member David Kawena gives us a preview of the “Learn To Draw” book for The Princess And The Frog:

Hello fellow Disney fans.
Today we bring you an in-depth look into the latest book release from the “Learn To Draw” series of the upcoming Disney film – “The Princess and the Frog”.

The “Learn To Draw” books by “Walter Foster” are being released for most high profile Disney films for years now. They are focusing on giving highlights into the the creation of the leading characters from each film, based on model sheets and notes from the Disney studios and the production of each film. The characters in these books are usually posed in their “promotional-art” poses that will appear on various merchandises and have some very easy to follow instruction and guidelines as they are aimed for the more younger Disney fans who wants to give talent a try.

Even so, I have to say that as a Disney fan-artist myself, I LOVE these books!
Especially for these small notes around the main subject – like the shape of Naveen the Frog’s legs as you can see in the pictures below.

You can also see here the various cover design changes that the book has been going through that also give you all fellow Disney fans a tiny look into the process of marketing design that is not to be taking lightly, as we all know, that most of the time it is the marketing campaign that makes a film into a hit or a flop!

Final cover design for this book as not been finally approved, but the high-res scan here is what it’s most likely going to be!

The book has a retail price of: $5.95. It is a 32 page paperback format and it’s market release date is October 1st, 2009, almost a month before the film’s theatrical release – this gives the fans enough time to buy the book and get to know all about the characters before they’ll see the film!

Article by David Kawena