Hello there to all Disneylicious visitors –
In less then 10 days now, Disney’s 45th, full length hand drawn animated masterpiece – “The Princess and the Frog” will be open for the public to view at a special engagements screenings in New York and Los Angeles, followed by a nation-wide release (North America and Canada) on December 11th.

The highly anticipated movie event is indeed a cause for a celebration for the general public, as Disney presents it first African America princess – Tiana, and for the hard core Disney fans, as it marks the return of Disney’s greatest tradition of hand drawn animation – since in 2004’s “Home on the Range“.

With everyday passes the excitement and joy this movie brings with it, grows bigger. The main characters have made their appearance at the Disney theme parks, the Disney Store and other retailers all over the world are already packed with the merchandise, a heavy marketing campaign is on it’s way for months now – and I’m promising you all that in the upcoming days until the nation wide release – you will get the latest updates, inside scoops and information about it all, right here on DisneyLicious!

And as for an official start our ‘Princess and the Frog‘ celebration – here are the first of many exclusive, high quality pictures – so you can see all that beautiful rich colours and breathtaking line work – straight from the film, for you all to enjoy :)

Be sure to check Disneylicious everyday for the latest of “The Princess and the Frog” updates!

David Kawena

Check back later for more movie stills. Thanks to David Kawena