This past August, Walt Disney Records have finally released the much anticipated full soundtrack of one of Disney’s most loved films: Robin Hood.

This amazing complete soundtrack of what has become a cult film, is presented as a double disc set in the prestigious “Legacy Collection” containing all the songs and full score on cd one and some unused bonus – alternate tracks on cd two.

The is actually the first time the full film score composed by George Bruns has ever been available.

The double cd, presented in elegant digipak sleeve contains as usual extensive linear notes providing great info on the music of the film and also explaining very well in detail what happened with the unreleased tracks on cd two.

Among these tracks we find a country version of “The Phony King of England”, recorded by Phil Harris, and using the final acapellas, coming from a rejected original version of the film.

Cd two also contains all the restaured tracks from a song album recorded by Louis Prima, called “Let’s Hear It For Robin Hood” originally released at the time the movie was out.

Don’t hesitate to add this gem to your Disney cd collection!

Disc One:

  1. Main Title – George Bruns
  2. Whistle Stop – Roger Miller
  3. Oo-De-Lally – Roger Miller
  4. Hail John – George Bruns
  5. It’s Only a Circus – George Bruns, Roger Miller
  6. Fortune Tellers – George Bruns, Roger Miller
  7. Enter the Sheriff – Roger Miller
  8. Skippy’s Birthday Gift – George Bruns, Roger Miller
  9. A Lost Arrow – George Bruns
  10. Meeting Maid Marian – George Bruns, Floyd Huddleston
  11. To the Winner – George Bruns
  12. The Archery Affair – George Bruns
  13. Fooling Ol’ Bushel Britches – George Bruns
  14. Archer’s Processional – George Bruns, Roger Miller
  15. Sir Hiss Suspects – George Bruns, Floyd Huddleston
  16. Well, Well – George Bruns
  17. The Loser – George Bruns, Floyd Huddleston
  18. Seize the Fat One – George Bruns, Floyd Huddleston
  19. Fight on Wisconsin – Glenn Grant, Milo A. Sweet, Carl Beck, W.T. Purdy
  20. There You Are – George Bruns
  21. Love – Nancy Adams
  22. The Phony King of England – Phil Harris, Andy Devine
  23. Double the Taxes – George Bruns
  24. Not in Nottingham – Roger Miller
  25. Not Yourself Today – George Bruns
  26. Bird Brain – George Bruns
  27. Lower the Bridge – George Bruns
  28. All’s Well That Ends Well – Nancy Adams, Disney Studio Chorus

Disc Two:

  1. Whistle Stop (Ragtime Demo) – Roger Miller
  2. Oo-De-Lally (Country Western Score Demo) – Roger Miller
  3. Not in Nottingham (Prince John Demo) – Peter Ustinov
  4. Love (Robin Hood Version) – Pete Renoudet
  5. The Phony King of England (Country Western Version) – Phil Harris, Andy Devine, Disney Studio Chorus
  6. King Louie and Robin Hood – Louis Prima
  7. Robin and Me – Louis Prima
  8. Sherwood Forest – Louis Prima
  9. The Phony King of England – Louis Prima, Disney Children’s Chorus
  10. Friar Tuck – Louis Prima
  11. Merry Men – Louis Prima, Disney Children’s Chorus
  12. Love – Louis Prima
  13. Robin Hood – Louis Prima