Promo cds are usually one or two track specially printed cds (not to be sold as the name implies!) manufactured by Disney Record or by the Disney international distributors to be given to radio and media in order to promote the release of a specific Disney single or album. With digital music now taking over, promo cds are produced in even more limited quantities than before and some labels don’t make them anymore, sending to radios only mp3 files.

Disneylicious has interesting collection of Disney promotional cds for the movies released from the 90’s till the mid 2000, coming from different countries, and little by little we will be showing our readers all the items in our possesion.

The promo cd we want to show you today is a 1999 Brazilian one track single by the Abril Music label (Disney Records’ distributors in Brazil) promoting Phil Collins‘s You’ll Be In My Heart from the Tarzan soundtrack. The cd itself, aslo shown below, is a beautiful picture disc depicting a Tarzan sketch. Click on images below to enlarge.