Let’s keep celebrating the Blu Ray release of Lady and the Tramp with a brief article on it’s release on Cd. The film soundtrack has been released many times on vinyl over the year but only debuted for the first time on CD only in 1997 in the second batch of releases of the now deleted Original Soundtrack Series. The FULL soundtrack, score included and pictured below, was digitally remastered by Randy Thornton and released in the US by Disney Records.

The UK release of the soundtrack arrived a few months later and had a completely different cover picture, the same used on the vhs video, also released in 1997. This disc was manufactured by Disney Records in Hammersmith, London.

Tracks from the restored soundtrack were later used in 1998 on the following collectable cd single release available in the United Kingdom and distributed by Polygram Records

In 2000 Disney Records in the United States used a Lady And The Tramp artwork for Dear Love, a compilation of love songs released for Valentine Day of that year.

With the Platinum DVD release of 2006, Disney Records released (as with previous titles in the platinum series) Lady and The Tramp and Friends, a compilation of songs from various films. Show below are first the US edition and then the European version distributed by EMI Records, bearing a completely different artwork on both the cover and the disc.