Coming up this week end on and exclusive interview to popular Internet artist David Kawena. Here’s an exclusive preview for our readers. Come back for ou full chat with David this Saturday.

Disneylicious: How do you study the poses for the princes? One in particular (Hercules) really reminds me of a Madonna photo by Mondino from 1990… was that done in purpose?

David Kawena: You know me, Madonna is always an inspiration, but in this case I have to say I wasn’t thinking of her and that famous Mondino picture while I drew Hercules. When it comes to the specific poses, each hero calls for something different. Hercules was a sure show off. Captain Li Shang had to have this martial arts pose, it was a lot of fun to draw that, and it’s actually one of my favourite portraits of the collection so far. The Jim Hawkins one just came to me in a dream, trying to think how would he react if I was a photographer taking his picture, he’ll be shy for sure! The most ambitious piece I’ve done in the collection so far is the portrait of Sitka from Brother Bear. Sitka holds a very big place in my heart, and I really thought he deserved a big royalty type of portrayal for his character, something like the head of his tribe, with all these antlers and fur around him. Another challenge was the portrait of Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean. Here I was up to take a real life person, Orlando Bloom, and make him fit in with a cast of 2D characters. I was constantly asking myself, should I make this more drawing like, or life like?! I was a great fun to do.

Disneylicious: Are you going to add more Princes to the collection?

David Kawena: Yes! A lot of people ask me that and I’m always answering that as long as there are Disney Heores left out there, the collection will not be finished! I’m saying that hoping that the Disney Studios will keep on bringing us all more new brilliant movies and heroes… I can’t wait to get to the point where I’ll have Prince Naveen, from the upcoming "The Princess and the Frog", added to my collection!

By now I already have some new Disney Heroes portraits in my couldron and I’ll share them with the world soon enough… I won’t tell you who they are but I can give you all some hints… One of them is a doctor, others just graduated, another one is a living dead, one of them always stays the same and the other one has but one song… Can you guess???