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Halloween cookie jar!

Right from our personal collection of Disney cookie jars here’s the Halloween 2010 Cookie Jar sold by The Disney Store

Mickey Mouse‘s head is turned into a shiny pumpkin ideal for Halloween cookies and treats!. Click on image to enlarge.

More Xmas Decorations

More Christmas decoration from the Disney Stores on display on Disneylicious today! This amazing line of resin tree decorations also includes Merida from Brave and a shiny Tinkerbell.
Also shown are this year’s ceramic discs from Winnie The Pooh and the Mickey Mouse.

Decorations 2012

This week Disney Stores around Europe are already getting ready for Chistmas time by introducing their new line of resin decorations. Here’s a first look at some of the amazing figurines that will be happy to adorn your Xmas tree this year including Alice in Wonderland, Pocahontas, Chip and Dale, Winnie The Pooh and a reissue of last year’s Jack & Gus in the slipper.Click on images below to enlarge.

The Story Begins With You

Princess Rapunzel from the “Tangled” movie welcomes customers at the Oxford Street Disney Store in London, introducing the cute new line of Animators’ collectable dolls.

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Xmas Stitch 2011

Here’s this year’s Stitch bean bag that the Disney Store has created for Christmas. Happy Stitch as a snowflake!
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