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The new LEGO store in Disneyland Paris is now open!

Disneyland Paris has a new store attraction. At the Disney Village a great new store by LEGO has debuted, mixing the great LEGO tradition with the classic Disney imagery.
LEGO and Disney collectors will be thrilled to visit the shop to find amazing collectables and watch the fabulous LEGO statues displayed in the store.

Our friend and collaborator Anto has just sent in these great pictures for you to enjoy!

















Halloween Gallery 2012

Trick Or Treat? Yes! it’s again that night of the year! get ready to celebrate Halloween 2012 with our great Halloween themed gallery from Disneyland Paris. Here’s what the Euro Park looks like for Halloween this year. Click on images below to enlarge.

Vintage park ceramics – part 1

Over the years a lot of pottery and ceramic figurines have been sold in Disney Parks and through the Disney Catalog. Here’s a selection of these figurines that have been in production for a long time and their molds have been used a lot.
These ceramic figurines started to disappear from the parks in the late 90’s and have been replaced by plastic and resin figures. But even if resin can reproduce the characters in a more realistic way these old ceramic still fully retain their special charm.

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Film Poster Tins

These great book shaped buscuit tins, showing original movie posters with an added vintage effect were available at Disneyland Paris Parks a couple of years ago. The first three designs introduced were “Lady & The Tramp”, Dumbo” and “Bambi“. The following year another three ones were added, “Pinocchio”, “101 Dalmatians” and the short film “Mickey’s Nightmare. All these six designs are sold out and no new ones have been added to series so far.

Disney Cuties figurines

More Disneyland Paris merchandise to celebrate the park’s first 20 years! These tiny little plastic figurines appeared at the park in the mid 2000 and stayed up for sale for a few years. They were part of the Disney Cuties series: classical Disney peronalities depicted as big eyed shrunk sized characters. Here’s the complete set of figurines, which were sold individially: Bambi, Stitch, Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore.