Released in September 1995 “The Music of Disney’s Cinderella,” is a puculiar cd. It contains the seed

of what would become today the “Disneymania” series, with contemporary artists performing classic

Disney music in their own style, and at the same time a faithful and accurate re-recording of the

original film musical score that can be appreciated for the first and only time in full stereo.

The Music of Disney’s Cinderella,” includes performances by Linda Ronstadt, Bobby McFerrin,

James Ingram, Take 6, David Sanborn, and David Benoit.

Linda Ronstadt, who started out in the 60’s as the lead singer of the folk band The Stone Poneys and

that became a hugely popular chart topping artist in 70’s, recorded two version of “A Dream is a

Wish Your Heart Makes” for this album. One in English and another one in Spanish (Un precioso

sueño), that in time have become two of the more popular, well-known covers of this song and that

later were re-used on many other cd compilations from Disney Records world-wide.

James Ingram performs a ballad version of “So This Is Love“, the “waltz song”. With a nostalgic mood

and newly added verses to make the song more complete and longer, this version is lovely done in a

style very reminiscent of the Beauty & The Beast pop version.

Bobby McFerrin (Don’t Worry, Be Happy) deals with the magic song, “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo“, giving it a

unusual and contemporary twist. McFerrin’s clever arrangement and unique voice got the nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of “Best Instrumental with accompanying vocals”.

But for a fan of Disney music the most fascinating thing on this record is without any doubt the re-recorded stereo musical score. Given the fact that the original mono score from the 50’s, written by Oliver Wallace and Paul J. Smith, has been restaured to be preserved in the best possible way and has been released and re-released in the last ten years for us to enjoy, it is indeed interesting to listen to this musical material in stereo and being immerged in the music like only the musicians that played it live in the 50’s had been. The new score is conducted by David Hamilton with Russell Ferrante on keyboards and Paulinho Da Costa on percussion while 16 vocalists have been used to re-create the parts of the soundtrack featuring the choir.

Full Track listing

01. Cinderella

02. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes – Linda Ronstadt

03. The Work Song – Take 6

04. So This Is Love – James Ingram

05. Cinderella Medley: Cinderella / A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes / Sweet Nightingale – David Benoit/David Sanborn

06. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) – Bobby McFerrin

07. Cinderella: Prologue

08. Cat And Mice / The King’s Plans – (re-recorded stereo instrumental score)

09. Entanglements / Dress Building – (re-recorded stereo instrumental score)

10. The Palace At Evening / A Dress For The Ball – (re-recorded stereo instrumental score)

11. Royal Fanfare and Reception at the Palace – (re-recorded stereo instrumental score)

12. So This Is Love: Waltz – (re-recorded stereo instrumental score)

13. Midnight Chase – (re-recorded stereo instrumental score)

14. A Perfect Fit – (re-recorded stereo instrumental score)

15. Cinderella: Finale

16. Un Precioso Sueño – Linda Ronstadt