From its first publication as a fairy tale told by Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid has been enthralling children and adults alike with its story of the transforming power of love. In 1989, Disney put little Ariel on film, gave her flaming red hair and an Oscar-winning musical score, and, in the process, reinvented the animated feature as a viable art form. Now the creative powers at Disney have reimagined the mermaid and her friends again, bringing one of Disney’s most beloved princesses to the stage.
The Little Mermaid:
The Story of a Tale
is a look at the process of morphing a 19th-century story and a 20th-century film into a stage event for the 21st century. This oversized, profusely illustrated book traces the evolution of The Little Mermaid from its inception in Denmark, through its triumphant animation, to the hit Broadway stage version now playing in New York. In addition to photographs of the show and its rehearsals, the book will explore the creative process with extensive looks behind the scenes.
Writer Michael Lassell interviews Francesca Zambello and choreographer Steven Mear, writer Doug Wright and composer Alan Menken, designers George Tsypin and Tanya Noginova as well as all the stars in the show’s extraordinarily talented cast. This is a grown-up book for children of all ages.

This 176 page hardcover book is relased by Disney Edition on April 21 2009.