Little Golden Books were launched in the US in September 1942 selling at 25 cents each. They made publishing history and were an instant success
for combining high quality and low-price. For the first time children books were available not only in bookstores but also in department
stores. After publishing classic stories, popular children character and film stories were soon available in the Little Golden Books collection with the
first Walt Disney book, titles “Through the Picture Frame” was published in 1944.

Little Golden Books have mirrored children’s popular culture over the years, having featured Lassie, Bozo the Clown,
The Lone Ranger, Disney classics, Warner Bros characters and films, Hanna Barbera, Sesame Street, Pokemon, Barbie and many others. Many Disney
related Little Golden Books are today very sought after items by Disneyana collectors.

US Publisher Random House is still printing a distribuiting Little Golden Books today, not only new stories but also a selection of favourite classic reprints. Many Disney titles have come out in recent years.
Reprints and new versions of Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan (some of them coming with lovely pre-film artworks) have been presented along with books about newer Disney features. Even 3D Disney/Pixar character as Cars and Ratatouille have had their Little Golden Book released.

Disney Little Golden Books are a lovely and unexpensive addition to any Disneyana collection and what you see below is a sample from our own LGB collection. Click on images to enlarge.