Publisher Graphique De France is putting on the US market a series of lovely 2009 mini wall Disney calendars that will please both children and collectors of vintage Disneyana. Among the most notable releases in this mini size (Size Closed: 7″ w x 7″ h. Size Opened: 7″ w x 14″) we find “Disney’s Musical Moments“:

Put on those mouse ears and prepare for a nostalgic journey! This collection of vintage record covers from Disney classics will take you back to a time before MP3s, CDs, DVDs, and VCRs, to distant days when L.P. and R.P.M. were high-tech concepts. These colorful covers will remind you of simpler times, of happy afternoons spent sprawled in front of the record player, singing along to songs like “Heigh Ho,” from Snow White and The Jungle Book’s “Bare Necessities,” while images of comical dwarves and bottom-heavy bears danced through your imagination.

Publisher: © 2009 Graphique De France