Over the years American actress, singer and performer Bette Midler has covered and performed a few Disney songs that are really worth a mention.
Her first Disney cover can be found on her 1977 titled Broken Blossom that features a slow, melancholic and at the same time quite theatrical version of Cinderella’s signature song “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes“. The song is sad, meaningful and very well executed.

Bette covers again a Disney song on the soundtrack of her 1988 Gary Marshall directed movie drama Beaches, produced by Touchstone’s pictures. The song is Dumbo’s Baby Mine and in the film Bette sings it as a lullaby to the child daughter of her best friend who is dying of cancer. It’s a emotional soft and sweet version, mainly voice and piano.

In 1996 Bette is hired by Disney to sing the Pop Versions of “God Help The Outcasts“, the song by Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. This pop version of the Alan Menken/Stephen Schwartz theme is one of the best pop version ever
from a Disney movie, becoming a poweful ballad.

Last but not least is the Peggy Lee penned song “He’s A Tramp” from Lady And The Tramp, that Bette covered on her “Peggy Lee Songbook” album released in 2005. The song starts with a nice music hint to another Peggy Lee song from that film, “The Siamese Cats Song